Student Projects


Graduate Student Projects

J. Lange, RIT, Parameter estimation of high-mass binary black holes

D. Trifiro (with E. Berti, M. Kesden, U. Sperhake), Pisa/U. Miss. Parameter estimation of precessing binaries

P. Nepal, U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Fisher matrix for precessing single-spin binaries

H. Qi (with P. Brady), U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Probing strong-field gravity with galactic center orbits

D. Gerosa (with E. Berti, M. Kesden, U. Sperhake), U. Miss. (PRD 87 4028, 2013 +. . .) Post-Newtonian spin resonances enable unexpected compact binary astrophysics

L. London (with D. Shoemaker, L. Pekowsky, J. Healy), Georgia Tech (PRD 87 4038, 2013+. . .) Investigating precessing binary black hole simulations

H.S. Cho (with CH Lee, C. Kim, E. Ochsner), KISTI and UWM (PRD 87 2400, 2013+ . . .) Impact of amplitude corrections and spin on parameter estimation for BH-NS binaries in LIGO

D. Clausen (with R. Wade, R. Kopparapu), Pennsylvania State University (ApJ 746 186, 2012) Population synthesis of hot subdwarf binaries: hidden populations and new constraints

Undergraduate research projects

M. Rizzo (2015), RIT: Measuring neutron star tidal distortions with an effective-one-body model

B. Miller (2014-2015), RIT: Low-latency parameter estimation for precessing binaries with SpinTaylorF2

Z. Meeks (2011), Georgia Tech: Orientation-dependent emission from mergers (PRD 85,084003)

C. Schmidt (2007-2008), Penn State: Metadata for numerical relativity waveforms.

E. Damashek (2007), high school: Strong gravitational lensing close to binary black holes

A. Saleem (2005-2006), Northwestern: Classify progenitors of merging compact binaries.

J. Kaplan (2004), Northwestern: Spinup of black holes in binaries (ApJ 632 1035, 2005)

R. O’Leary (2004-2006), Northwestern: Clusters (PRD 76 061504; ApJ 637 937)

D. Jones (2003-2004), Northwestern: Prototype search code for gravitational waves