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Vital Statistics

Lecture Room
Class Times
Tuesday & Thursday, 09:30-10:45
Required Textbook
Hogg, McKean & Craig, Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, Seventh Edition (Pearson, 2013). ISBN 978-0-321-79543-4
Course Webpage
http://ccrg.rit.edu/~whelan/STAT-405/ (this page)
Dr. John T. Whelan
LAC(74)-2063, 5-5083
john.whelan@astro.rit.edu or jtwsma@rit.edu
Office Hours (Tentative)
MT 11:00-11:50 & TR 14:00-14:50
Course outline
Mailing list

Topics and Course Calendar

We will cover most of the first five chapters of Hogg including the following topics:

A tentative timetable is given in the Course Calendar.

Lecture Notes

Problem Sets

Webpage for Prior Section of STAT 405

I taught Mathematical Statistics I in Fall 2013. You may find the the associated course materials useful:


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